In this article, you will learn about the Onfleet WhenIWork integration. 

This article will cover:


WhenIWork is an employee scheduling app that does more than just save you time on scheduling. Your organization can easily manage time off, shift switches, and view team availability right from the app.

Seamlessly sync WhenIWork shifts to Onfleet drivers’ schedules to streamline your delivery operation.

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The workflow for your WhenIWork + Onfleet integration will include the following steps:

1. WhenIWork users based on position are synced with Onfleet drivers.
    a. Newly added WhenIWork users can be resynced manually at any time.
2. When a user in WhenIWork confirms their assigned shift, the Onfleet schedule will be updated for that worker. The update synchronization will occur every 15 minutes.
    a. If the WhenIWork shift is unassigned or deleted, the Onfleet schedule entry for that date will be removed.
    b. Multiple shifts in WhenIWork are reflected as multiple schedule entries in Onfleet.
3. Schedules will be set relative to the WhenIWork account time zone.

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WhenIWork configuration
If you do not have a Premium WhenIWork account, add a user with the email integrations@onfleet.com and manager-level access to your WhenIWork account. By adding this user, API access will be enabled for this integration.

Onfleet Integration Configuration

Log into your Onfleet account, and select the "plug" icon located in the upper right corner to connect to the Onfleet Integrations Marketplace. 

Once in the Integration's Marketplace, select "Activate" on the WhenIWork integration card. 

Choose your API key for the integration. 

Enter your WhenIWork username and password, then select "Connect WhenIWork".

Click "Next" once you connect successfully.

In the "Schedule Sync Configuration" you will then choose the WhenIWork Position that your organization will use to identify Onfleet drivers.

Note: Onfleet schedules will only be synced for the chosen position.

WhenIWork users that were synced to Onfleet drivers are shown in the table below. If there are issues syncing, verify that the WhenIWork user’s phone number and position are set correctly. Click Re-sync to reattempt the syncing process. Click Save and Review

Click "Save and Connect".

Your integration is now configured. Confirmed WhenIWork shifts will be synced as Onfleet driver schedules.

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Managing the Integration Configuration

If you need to manage your WhenIWork integration, you can return to the Integrations Marketplace section in the dashboard settings. Once there select "Manage" on the integration card.


Now select "Edit" to make any changes to updates to the configuration. 

If you add new users to WhenIWork and want to sync them to Onfleet, you must re-synchronize them. Click Edit on the manage screen and click Re-sync. Your new WhenIWork users will then be synced.

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If you are running into any errors with your Onfleet integrations, please refresh the page in Shopify.

If you still have issues, please contact integrations@onfleet.com.