Zapier Integration

In this article, you will learn how to integrate the Zapier app to Onfleet. Zapier serves as a bridge between the Onfleet Client portal and numerous popular applications, enabling automated workflows that can significantly streamline your operations.

This article will walk you through the process of setting up Zaps—automations in Zapier—that trigger actions in Onfleet based on events in third-party apps like Shopify and Square.

This article will include: 

Understanding Zaps

A Zap consists of two main components: a trigger and an action.

Trigger: An event in a third-party app that initiates the Zap. For example, a new order in Shopify or Square could serve as a trigger.
Action: The response executed in Onfleet as a result of the trigger. Actions can include creating a new delivery order or updating an existing order based on the trigger event.

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Creating Zaps

Before you can automate task creation or updates in Onfleet based on events from another app, you must first ensure that Zapier can track to these events, to do so you must create a "Trigger": 

  1. Select Your Trigger App: When creating a new Zap, start by choosing the application you want to use as your trigger (e.g., Shopify for new orders).
  2. Connect to Your Trigger App Account: You'll be prompted to log in to your account for the trigger application and grant Zapier permission to access your data.
  3. Set Up Your Trigger: Choose the specific event in the trigger application that will start your Zap (e.g., a new paid order in Shopify).

After setting up your trigger, you'll proceed to define the action that Zapier should execute in Onfleet. 
After configuring your trigger, search for "Onfleet" and select "Onfleet" for the action part of your Zap.


Select a "Supported Event" - you can only choose to create, update, delete, and clone order events. In our example, we will be selecting "Create an Order". 

Once you select the supported event, you can begin the authentication process, this will require you to connect Zapier with your Onfleet account. To connect with your Onfleet account, select "Sign In:

To complete the connection, input your Onfleet API key, which can be found in the Onfleet Client Portal under the "API & Integrations" section in Settings. Zapier will verify the connection to ensure it has the necessary permissions to perform actions in Onfleet on your behalf. 


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