How do I access photos, signatures, comments, and feedback of completed tasks?

Your task photos, signatures, barcodes, comments, and feedback can all be accessed through two methods:


Double-clicking a completed task

You can view the task details by simply double-clicking on a completed task within your map and scroll to see all of the information associated with that completed task.



Task export

The second method is to export a full task data set, which will provide a CSV file with all of the information associated with your organization's task history during a specified window. 

Once exported, open the spreadsheet and navigate over to the desired columns labeled:

  • signatureUrl
  • photoUrl
  • feedbackRating
  • feedbackComments
  • barcodesCaptured
  • trackingViewed
  • signatureText



Please note: Pictures and signatures will be in the form of URLs (see examples here: signature or photo).