View task details

As a dispatcher, you can view the task details three different ways within the dashboard:


1. Double-click on task

To view task details such as creation time, recipient name and phone number, destination details, and notes, simply double-click a task on either the sidebar or map. This will open the task modal with all details relevant to this task.



2. Double-click on task (post completion)

Upon task completion, photos, signatures, completion notes, task timeline, and feedback collected are instantly synced to the dashboard and will appear at the bottom of the task details modal. The 'View Route' option allows the dispatcher to review the route taken by the driver to complete the task. 



3. Task export

The second method is to export a full task data set, which will provide a CSV file with all of the information associated with your organization's task history during a specified window. 

Once exported, open the spreadsheet and navigate over to the desired columns labeled:

  • signatureUrl
  • photoUrl
  • feedbackRating
  • feedbackComments
  • barcodesCaptured
  • trackingViewed
  • signatureText




Note: Photos and signatures are provided as a download url.




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