Create a task from the map

To create a task from the map, right-click on any location on the map which best corresponds to the delivery address, and select Create New Task Here 



A window will appear with required fields to designate a recipient (or none) and the type of task (Dropoff or Pickup).

The recipient's destination coordinates will be captured through the map at the exact location where the task has been created. If you'd like to edit or verify the destination details, click the Edit Destination Details... button below the destination coordinates. If a street address can be derived from the coordinates, it will appear here and can be edited further. Keep in mind that the Destination Details are for display purposes only and the coordinates will be used to place the pin and to navigate the driver.

Optional fields such as recipient notes, task details, a delivery time window, and assignment to a driver are also available. For a detailed walk-through about manual task creation through the dashboard, please see here.