Define a task's quantity and service time

To provide further flexibility when planning optimal routes, tasks can optionally include individual "Quantity" and "Service Time" values. You must Enable Route Optimization to use this feature.

Quantity is used with Capacity to ensure routes are created which fit the constraints of a driver's vehicle.

Service Time describes the time a driver is expected to spend at a task's destination. When defined for an individual task, this Service Time value will override the global Service Time value defined when Optimizing Tasks.

Set a task's Quantity or Service Time by double-clicking a task on the sidebar or map and click Edit. Enter the value into the designated Quantity and Service Time fields, or use the arrows ↑ ↓ on the right to increase/decrease the value. Hit Save to apply the changes.


Note: Units used for Task Quantities must match the units used for Driver Capacities. If a task does not have an individual Quantity defined, we assume a quantity of zero.