Set a driver capacity

Optionally, Onfleet's Route Optimization engine can consider the capacity of your drivers' vehicles. Once defined, driver capacities will be used with Task Quantity values to create routes which adhere to these constraints. You must enable Route Optimization to use this feature.

To set a capacity, navigate to the Drivers tab of your dashboard settings. Click the Edit button in the bottom-right corner or double click the driver's name. Enter the vehicle's capacity, in any unit you prefer (meters, feet, quantity, etc.) and Save to apply the changes.


Note: Units used for driver vehicle capacity must match the units used when specifying Task QuantityIf a capacity is not defined, Onfleet will assume unlimited capacity and defer to your other Route Optimization constraints.




Alternatively, you can set a driver's capacity on the fly by double-clicking the driver's name from the sidebar. Simply Edit and update the Capacity as indicated above.