Assign a task to a team

If you're managing deliveries across more than one service area or city, or have multiple physical stores/hubs, team assignment is right for you.  With team assignment enabled, your teams can move tasks into a team without assigning to a driver. Tasks that are assigned to a team will only be visible to other dispatchers if they have been granted permission to that team.


Enable Team Assignment

To enable team assignment, check the Enable team assignment checkbox in the Organization tab of your administrator's dashboard settings.


Once enabled, you can move unassigned tasks from the main Unassigned section into a new section within each team. Once unassigned within a team, it will not be visible to other teams.

There are several ways to assign a task to a team:

  1. Manually in the dashboard, using drag-and-drop in the sidebar
  2. Manually in the dashboard, on creation or edit from the task modal.
  3. On task import.
  4. Through the API, via Manual and Automatic assignment.


Assign to a Team via drag-and-drop

To assign via drag-and-drop, simply select the desired task(s) and drag them to the desired team. As you drag over a team name, it will highlight white to indicate selection. Drop the tasks into the highlighted team name and they will be assigned to the team. Similarly, you can assign to another team or return to the global Unassigned section by drag-and-drop.



Assign to a Team via Task Modal

To assign on manual creation or edit, select your desired team in the Assigned to section at the bottom of the modal. You can return a task to the global Unassigned section by choosing "None" in the drop-down.


Assign Tasks via Right-Click

Once tasks have been assigned to a driver, you can assign back to the current team or return to the global Unassigned section by choosing "Assign Tasks to {Team Name}" or "Unassign Tasks to {Your Organization Name}" from the right-click context menu.