Edit or Delete a Task

In this article, you will learn how to edit or delete a task after its creation.

Note: Tasks that have been completed (either successfully or failed) cannot be deleted. 

This article will cover: 

Edit a Task 

You can edit all attributes of a task until the assigned driver has started it, and most attributes can also be edited after the task has started (with the exception of the phone number and address).

To edit a task, double-click the task in the sidebar (or on the map), and click the "Edit" button.

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Delete a Task 

Tasks can only be deleted if a driver has not started the task yet.  Deleted tasks will be immediately removed from the dashboard and driver app, and once deleted the task can not be recovered.

Tasks can be deleted through sidebar selection, through the table view, or through the task window. 


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Delete All Uncomplete Tasks

If you would like to delete all tasks that are uncompleted (both unassigned and assigned for all time) you can do so from within the Admin account by using the keyboard command: CTL + ALT + SHIFT + C

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