Dashboard analytics

Onfleet’s interactive Analytics page allows admins and dispatchers to view historical task and driver data in actionable graphics.

To access your organization’s Analytics page, simply log in to the dashboard and click the Analyze tab at the top of the page. 


To begin, you can modify the Period, Team, and Driver parameters in the upper left corner of the page to fine tune your view.

Task analytics are broken up into five key metrics: Completed Tasks (Succeeded or Failed), Delay Time, Service Time, Task Type (Drop-Off and Pickup), and Feedback. Simply click on each metric to take a closer look at the associated data.


Driver analytics are broken up into two metrics: Distance (In transit and Idle) travelled and Time (In transit and Idle) while on-duty. This data is particularly useful for employee timesheet tracking and mileage reimbursements. As with task analytics, simply click on each metric to zero in on the associated data.

These data sets are refreshed every 10 minutes and can be broken down by Time (Day, Week, Month), Day of Week, Hour of Day, and Drivers by using the drop-down menu beneath the bar graphs.


How Analytics are calculated:

  • Completed Tasks: tasks per hour = (total task count / time all drivers spent active)
  • Delay Time: minutes per task = (total minutes delayed for all tasks, each at most 90 minutes) / total number of delayed tasks 
  • Service Time: minutes per task = (total minutes for all tasks, each at most 30 minutes) / total number of all tasks
  • Task Type: drop-off to pick-up ratio = (number of drop-off tasks / number of pick-up tasks)
  • Feedback: stars = average rating
  • Distance: unit per task = (total distance active + total distance idle) / total number of tasks
  • Time: minutes per task = (total duration active + total duration idle) / total number of tasks
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