Driver Location Tracking

In this article, you will learn about Driver Location Tracking while using the Onfleet app. 

Driver locations are collected from the device's native location service, which combines GPS, cell tower, wifi, and other sensor data to accurately pinpoint a driver's latitude and longitude while "On-Duty."

Driver Location Tracking is required so that drivers' mileage and hours are tracked properly, allows for dispatchers to view and track driver location in real-time while they are On-Duty and allows a proper ETA calculation for dispatchers and recipients.


iOS Tracking Permissions

iOS devices require permission to allow any app to track a user's location and how information is shared. To allow Onfleet to accurately track a driver's location while On-Duty, we ask that users select "Always Allow" when allowing Onfleet to track driver location.

To clarify, the "Always Allow" language is native to iOS and does not apply to Onfleet - Onfleet does not track driver's location when they are off-duty or offline.


Why "Always Allow"?

We request the "Always Allow" option because it allows Onfleet to continue tracking a driver's location and mileage when they are "On-Duty" and have Onfleet running in the background - such as when using a navigation app, a music/podcast app, or are using their Iphone's messaging/call system. 

If the “Always Allow” option is not selected then when a driver uses their navigation app, messaging, calling, etc then the Onfleet app will not track the driver’s location while the app is in the background, leading to issues with incorrect mileage, ETA, etc.

Driver's can also turn off the app tracking permissions once they are Off-Duty and turn it back on to go On-Duty. 


Onfleet does not collect or store any information from a driver's mobile device when they are off-duty or offline. 

For additional detail on how we collect, use, and disclose information from or about you through our website and the Onfleet service, visit our Privacy Policy.