Assign a task to be completed by a connected organization

Once you are connected to another organization, you will be able to assign tasks to them by choosing the organization's name from the dropdown upon creating or editing a task.



Checking the box Use notification settings for ... will ensure that the recipient of the assigned task will receive SMS notifications according to the configuration of your organization. Otherwise, the recipient will receive notifications according to the organization that is executing the task.

The task will appear in your map and sidebar, under the organization it was assigned to, but you will not be able to see the driver it's assigned to until the task has been started.


Once the organization has started the task, you will be able to see the driver's location and other information in your dashboard. You can edit and delete the task until it has been started.

When a task has been assigned to an organization, it will appear in their dashboard's sidebar and map. However, they will only be able to assign it and will have read-only access to the rest of the task's fields unless you allowed for task editing and/or task rejection.