Dependency Notifications

In this article, you will learn about dependency notifications and how to set them up in your dashboard.

Your organization can create custom SMS notifications that are automatically sent to your recipients when a driver has started and/or completed a task (pickup or dropoff) that has dependent tasks linked to it.

If a task has been started and/or completed that has dependent tasks linked to it, a notification will be sent out to all recipients attached to the dependent tasks.

To set up notifications for linked tasks, please see Create a notification.


For tasks that are linked serially (for example, Task 1 is the parent of Task 2. Task 2 is the parent of Task 3. Task 3 is the parent of Task 4, etc) the dependency notification will only be sent once the ‘parent’ task is completed.


In the above situation, Task 3 will not receive a notification until Task 2 has started. 

If you prefer to have all your tasks receive a notification at the same time, you can make them dependent on a single task rather than serially. 

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