Organization Emails

In this article, you will learn about the emails associated with your organization's Onfleet account and how to update them. 

This article will cover:

Organization Email

The "Organization Email" is found under the "Organization" tab in the settings for an administrator account. This email will receive the majority of communications from Onfleet but please note - this is not the login email for an account. 


The email you place in this section will receive the following communication: 

  • Receives email digests (daily/weekly).
  • Trial updates. 
  • Connection requests.
  • Webhook failure messages. 
  • Alert notifications, such as: 'STOP' sent by the recipient in response to notifications. 
  • General contact emails from Onfleet (including Support, Success, Sales, etc).  

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Driver Support Email

The "Driver Support Email" will receive any support requests or questions from drivers in your organization. 


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Login Email

The email under "User Settings" is the login email for the administrator account and can be found under the "User Settings" section of the account owner or admin account settings.


This email is responsible for the following: 

  • Username for the administrator user.
  • Receives 'Unrouted SMS/call received' emails if there is no dedicated number set and call anonymization is enabled.
  • Can receive a "Task Export" email (if the export was initiated by the admin user).

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