Delivery Manifest Integration

In this article, you will learn about the Delivery Manifest integration with Google turn-by-turn directions and ETAs.

The Delivery Manifest integration allows your organization to generate a printable manifest for your drivers to refer to, and your organization can select which information will be displayed in the manifest according to your needs.  The manifest is created via a Google add-on and provides you the ability to add turn-by-turn directions, ETAs, and distances based on your reporting requirements. 

This article will cover:

Create a Delivery Manifest

If your integration has been enabled, you can create a delivery manifest by following these steps: 

1. Right-click on the tasks assigned to your drivers, and click on "Create Delivery Manifest". 

2. Once you have selected "Create Delivery Manifest" you will be prompted to to select which hub your driver will be departing from. Once you select the hub, you can then click on "Create Manifest" 

3. You will then be able to view the delivery manifest. Please note the departing time is based on the "Complete After" time you have input for your first task, if the first task does not have a Complete After time, the departing time would be "now". 

4. Click the "Print" button, then you will be able to  adjust the print settings for the best fit, based on the amount of content on the Delivery Manifest. 

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The workflow for the Delivery Manifest integration will be as follows:

  1. Assign tasks to a driver
  2. Right-click on a driver from the sidebar to open the quick action menu:
    1. Click Create Delivery Manifest.
    2. Select a starting hub.
    3. Click Create Manifest.
  3. The Delivery Manifest will be generated on a new tab
    1. Print or Save the Delivery Manifest 
    2. Copy to the turn-by-turn directions (if enabled)

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To set up the Delivery Manifest integration with the Google Add-On disabled, follow these steps.

Log into your Onfleet administrator account. Select the plug icon located on the upper right corner of the app to access the Integrations Marketplace”


In the "Integrations Marketplace" section, click on "Active" under the "Delivery Manifest" option.

Once you select "Active", choose the API key you would like to use for the integration. We recommend your organization creates a new API key for each integration in Onfleet.

After selecting your API key, click on "Next", then select any additional information that your organization would like  to be shown on the Delivery Manifest and then select "Next".

If you would like to use the Google Add-on for turn-by-turn directions, ETAs, and distances, you can enable the feature here, and follow these steps. Press "Save and Review" to continue with the setup process.

Verify your integration configuration, then click "Save and Connect".

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Set-up Google Add-On

A Google Directions API key is required for turn-by-turn directions and ETAs.

Google offers a complimentary 90-day trial or until $300 USD worth of credit is utilized, whichever comes first. Following the trial period, a monthly credit of $200 USD is provided, which is generally sufficient for the majority of users. If you surpass the allocated free limit, you will incur charges for your usage. For further details, please refer to Google's plans and pricing.

Setup a Google Maps API key
If you have an existing Google Cloud account with open projects, follow the steps for Existing Google Cloud users.

New Google Cloud users
Visit the Google Maps Platform page and click Get Started.

  • Sign in to Google
  • Add the required billing information for your business.
  • Create a new project
  • Copy and Save the API key and make sure Enable all Google Maps API's for this project is selected.
  • Click Go to Google Maps Platform after you save your API key.

Select Maybe Later to not add any restrictions.


Existing Google Cloud users

1. Visit the Google Maps Platform page and click Get Started

2. Click on the Select a project dropdown

3. Create a new project

4. Select the "Keys & Credentials" on the left menu.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.28.57 PM.png

5. Select "Create Credentials"

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.29.25 PM.png

6. Choose "API key" and then save.

Select "APIs & Services" on the left menu and enable the "Directions API"

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.31.17 PM.png

8. You can now use your API key with the Delivery Manifest.

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Configure the Integration to use the Google API Key

1. Enable the Google Add-on and add your Google API Key. You can include the ETA’s for each stop by enabling the checkbox below the API key field. You can include the driving distance as well if needed. Click Save and Review.

2. Create a Delivery Manifest for a driver. The Google Add-on options will be shown on the manifest. You can use the Copy button to quickly copy the full set of directions for each stop for easy transfer to other reporting systems.

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If you are running into any errors with your Onfleet integrations, please refresh the page in the Integration Marketplace and delete and reconfigure the integration. If you still have issues, please contact

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