In this article, you will learn about the Onfleet and Aeopray integration.

This article will cover:


Aeropay is an alternative payments company that allows customers to pay participating businesses through a direct bank transfer.

AeroPay pre-authorized transactions are automatically processed when an Onfleet task is completed. By using the Onfleet and AeroPay integration, you will be automating your payment and delivery workflow with the most advanced last-mile delivery system.

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The workflow for your Onfleet and Aeropay integration will be as follows:

1. A prerequisite for this integration is that Onfleet tasks are created with an aeropayTransactionId for pre-authorized transactions in the Onfleet task metadata.

2. Once an Onfleet task is completed, the pre-authorized transaction will be closed.

3. Optional: If an Onfleet task is deleted, the Aeropay pre-authorized transaction will be canceled.

4. Optional: If an Onfleet task is failed, the Aeropay pre-authorized transaction will be canceled.

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Set Up (Aeropay Side)

To get started with your Onfleet and Aeropay integration, contact your Aeropay CSM to have your Merchant ID enabled for the integration.

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Set Up (Onfleet Side)

Once you have set up the integration on the Aeropay side you can proceed with completing it on Onfleet's side. 

1. Log into your Onfleet administrator account. Select the plug icon located on the upper right corner of the app to access the Integrations Marketplace”


2. Select "Configure" on the Aeropay integration.


3. Choose your Onfleet API key for the integration and click "Connect App".


4. Click the plus icon to connect your teams. You can connect one or multiple teams to an Aeropay Merchant ID. Please note that one team cannot be configured for multiple Aeropay Merchant IDs. 


5. Optional settings include the ability to cancel an Aeropay pre-authorized transaction if an Onfleet task is failed or is deleted. Click the toggle button to enable the integration and press done.

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If you are running into any errors with your Onfleet integrations, please refresh the page in the Integration Marketplace. If you still have issues, please contact