Estimated completion time

Estimated Completion Time is an optional feature which gives dispatchers an estimate of the time to arrival for the assigned tasks for each on-duty driver, from the driver's current location. The ECT is denoted by a flag icon, followed by the estimated time.

Delayed tasks have a flag icon that is colored according to the relative delay:

  • Gold flag: 1 - 30 minute delay
  • Orange flag: 30+ minute delay



Estimated Completion Time can be enabled from the admin account's Settings page, under "Add-ons". 

Note: Estimated Completion Time (ECT) is different than Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

  • ECT estimates the time that the task will be completed, including service time calculated by Onfleet (if not explicitly set for the task).
  • ETA is shown for the active task and estimates the time until the driver physically arrives at the task location.




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