Estimated Completion Time

Estimated Completion Time is an optional feature which gives dispatchers an estimate of the time to arrival for the assigned tasks for each on-duty driver, from the driver's current location. The ECT is denoted by a flag icon, followed by the estimated time.

Delayed tasks have a flag icon that is colored according to the relative delay:

  • Gold flag: 1 - 30 minute delay
  • Orange flag: 30+ minute delay


Estimated Completion Time can be enabled from the admin account's Settings page, under "Add-ons". 

Note: Estimated Completion Time (ECT) is different than Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). ECT estimates the time that the task will be completed, including service time calculated by Onfleet (if not explicitly set for the task). ETA is shown for the active task and estimates the time until the driver physically arrives at the task location.

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