Onfleet's built-in chat feature allows dispatchers and drivers to communicate instantly, without leaving the dashboard or driver app.

Note: Chat is only available in the Basic plan and above. For more info about Onfleet's plans, visit our pricing page.


Enabling Chat

Chat must be first enabled within the Add-ons tab in your dashboard settings (only your organization's administrator can access this tab, but once enabled all dispatchers and drivers will have access to the feature).



Start a New Conversation in Dashboard (Dispatchers)

Once enabled for your organization, all dispatchers will see a sidebar located on the left of the dashboard (it may take several minutes to update - refresh your dashboard after enabling the feature). By clicking the 'New conversation' icon at the top of the chat sidebar, you will be able to initiate a private conversation with an individual driver. 



Online drivers will appear at the top of the list, and each sub-list is ordered alphabetically. You can use the search field at the top to quickly filter the list to find specific drivers.


You and your driver can now attach images and send voice notes to one another through chat!

When you receive a message from a driver, you will be alerted through dashboard and browser alerts, and the sender will appear at the top of the chat sidebar with a red dot.


Broadcast Announcement to Specific Team(s) or Entire Organization

You can send a one-way plaintext announcement to dispatchers and drivers on one or more teams, or to your entire organization, by clicking on the 'Announcements' icon underneath the 'New conversation' icon at the top of the chat sidebar.



Select the appropriate checkbox(es) under 'Send to', include a note in the 'Announcement message' section, and hit 'Send' to broadcast instantly.



Chatting in the Driver App (Drivers)

Drivers can send and receive messages to their dispatchers while in the field without leaving their driver app.



Drivers can also include photos and screenshots, as well as voice notes, in their messages: