Onfleet search is found in the upper right-hand corner of the dispatcher dashboard, and can be used to find matching tasks, recipients, and drivers.




Text-based Queries

Perform a standard text search from tasks (address, notes, short id), recipients (name, notes, phone number), or drivers (name, phone number) to get results that match the query.

State-based Queries

There are several keywords that can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with text-based queries to restrict the results received according to task and driver state criteria. 

Tasks and drivers

Search Command Matches
active all active tasks
completed all completed tasks
failed all completed, failed tasks
successful  all completed, successful tasks
unassigned all unassigned tasks
all drivers all drivers
drivers online all on-duty drivers
drivers in transit all drivers currently in transit


Connected Organization tasks

Search Command Matches
delegated all tasks sent to connected orgs
incoming all tasks from connected orgs

Time-based Queries

Time-based keywords restrict search results to a specific day or date/time range. The following can be used by themselves, or in conjunction with text-based and/or state-based queries.

Search Command
last week
last < day of week >
next < day of week >
< Month > < day >
< Month > < day1 > - < day2 >
< time > MM/DD/YY
< time1 > - < time2 >

Other notes

Search is tolerant of typos. For simple misspellings, you may still receive results with the closest match.

Search history is currently restricted to the past 30 days for tasks.