Driver app settings

Driver App preferences are available from the dashboard settings menu and allow administrators to enforce the intended driver delivery workflow via the driver mobile app. 

To ensure that drivers fulfill tasks in the order that they are assigned, check the "Warn driver when starting task out of order" checkbox. 




If a driver attempts to start a task out of order when this option is enabled, they will be warned, and given the option to reconsider.

Signature collection and Photo collection upon delivery can be set to 'Required', 'Enabled' (with an optional warning for the driver), or completely disabled, with independent settings for pickup and dropoff tasks, depending on your organization's requirements. Tasks cannot be completed by the driver until the required signature and/or photo has been collected.

'Block access to camera roll' is an option that, when selected, requires that drivers take the photo at the time that the task is completed. Drivers will be unable to submit photos that were taken previously.

Once the Driver App settings are confirmed, the settings will be applied to all existing tasks for all workers during their next session (when they next go on duty).

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