Proof of Delivery

In this article, you will learn how to provide proof of delivery for your task as part of your completion process. 

Once a task has been completed the completion screen will appear, allowing a status to be set (Succeeded or Failed). Your organization may require you to attach photos, provide a customer signature and/or provide proof of age. In some cases, these attachments may be required by your organization and must be included before being able to successfully complete the task. 


To take a photo tap the "Photo" option under "Attachments", which will open your camera. To add additional photos, simply tap on your first photo and select "Take New Photo".

Note for Android users: Photos taken from the Onfleet app are stored temporarily in the device's Onfleet directory. Due to various implementations of the Android OS, these photos may be preserved on some devices. 

For signatures, you can select the "Signature" section and have the recipient sign on your screen. For Contactless Signatures, your organization will provide a Contactless Signature link to the recipient through SMS. Once you progress to the task completion screen, you will be able to view the signature that has been pre-registered. If necessary, you can still collect a signature via the app. 

Note for iOS users: If your device is on low battery you may have a delay in receiving the contactless signature verifications. You can view any attachments to the completed task by going to your "Task History" section in your driver app.

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