Contact a Recipient

In this article, you will learn how to contact a recipient for a task you are delivering for.

Note: Communication initiation must be enabled by your organization for you to be able to contact a recipient. 

If communication initiation is enabled by your organization's administrator, you will be able to tap on the corresponding icon near the recipient’s name in the task details screen to call or message them.

If communications are set to be anonymized, calls and messages will be directed to the Onfleet service phone number and routed to the recipient via our telephony partners. 


Note: Only the recipient of the task currently in progress may be contacted. Once the task is completed, he or she can no longer be contacted. If a recipient attempts to contact the driver through the Onfleet service phone number once a task has been completed, it will not go through for anonymized communications. Your organization's administrator will receive email alerts notifying them that these communications were attempted.