Driver Status

In this article, you will learn about the driver status on your dashboard and how to force a driver offline. 

This article will cover: 

Driver Status

Driver status is displayed with a color and short text string ("status text") in the sidebar (underneath the driver name) and on the map in the pop-up bubble that appears on rollover or click of a driver's icon.

In Transit: The driver is "on-duty" and is actively executing a task. A driver in transit will be location tracked and will appear as a blue dot icon on the map and the sidebar. 

Idle: The driver is "on-duty" but is not actively executing a task. An idle driver's location will be tracked and he/she will appear as a green dot icon on the map and the sidebar.

Offline: The driver is "off-duty." An offline driver's location will not be tracked and he/she will not appear on the map. Offline drivers appear in the sidebar as a grey dot icon.

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Delayed Status

You can easily determine if a task or driver is, or will be, delayed by reviewing either the sidebar or map view.

Task: Task is unassigned or assigned, and the current time is after the Complete Before time, or the ETA will put the driver at that location after the Complete Before time. A delayed task will appear in the map and sidebar with a small gold dot on the top right corner of the task's icon.

Driver: Driver has one or more tasks assigned to him/her that are delayed. In all statuses, icon will appear with a gold dot in the upper right corner. If active, the status text will display by how many minutes their current task is estimated to be delayed.

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Force Driver Off Duty

Dispatchers and Admins can force a driver to go off duty.

To be able to force a driver off duty, the driver must be either Idle or Not Responding. Admins or Dispatchers can then select the driver on the dashboard, right-click and select "Force driver off duty". 


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